グランサガ (Gran Saga) (Mod – Unlimited Money) 3.0.0

グランサガ (Gran Saga) (Mod – Unlimited Money) 3.0.0

App Information of グランサガ (Gran Saga) (Mod – Unlimited Money) 3.0.0

App Name グランサガ (Gran Saga)
Package Name com.npixel.GranSagaJP
Installs 100,000+

Description of グランサガ (Gran Saga) (Mod – Unlimited Money) 3.0.0

◈ ゲーム紹介 ◈
ゲームシステム、物語、グラフィック、サウンド。その全てに魂を込めた超本格RPG『グランサガ (Gran Saga)』、いよいよ登場!


▶ 3人のキャラクターでチームを組んで戦おう!


▶ みんなで一緒に楽しもう!

▶ 最新技術を用いた、ハイエンド級の高クオリティグラフィック!

(Powered by Unreal Engine4)


▶ サウンドには「下村陽子」氏を起用!

◈ グランサガ (Gran Saga)公式サイト◈
グランサガ (Gran Saga)の最新ニュースをお知らせします。
▶ 公式サイト: https://www.gransaga.jp/
▶ 公式Twitter https://twitter.com/GRANSAGA_RPG
▶ 公式Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt1SxDHFgdRg8DdUWg5bgHg

◈ 『グランサガ (Gran Saga)』では円滑なゲームプレイのため、以下の権限を必要とします。
– ストレージ(端末の写真、メディア、ファイル):画面キャプチャおよびビデオ録画の後、ファイルを保存するためのスペース
▶個人情報処理方針 : https://platform-static.gransaga.jp/terms/privacy_policy.html
▶ゲーム利用規約 : https://platform-static.gransaga.jp/terms/terms_conditions.html
◈ Game introduction ◈
Game system, story, graphics, sound. The super-real RPG “Gran Saga” that puts the soul into all of them is finally here!
Experience the powerful battle that can be enjoyed by yourself or everyone, and the deep story of the heroes hidden in the first land, Esprogen!

◈ Synopsis ◈
Once upon a time, there was a war between the black dragon Ismael and the Grand Knights, the knights of the Kingdom of Lagunadea, trying to rule the first land, Esprogen.
The war left big marks in various parts of Esprogen, but Grand Knights won. Eventually it was handed down as a legend.
-Time has passed, and a young knight who longs for Grand Knights meets a mysterious girl, and a great fate begins to move again.
◈ Game introduction ◈
▶ Let’s fight in a team with 3 characters!
Choose 3 members from the fascinating Knights and fight in a “tag battle” to switch members and a “team battle” to cooperate while commanding the remaining 2 members!

▶ A wide variety of “Grand Weapons” that heroes can help!
There are more than 100 types of “Grand Weapons” that help you with various effects from attack to strengthening and recovery!
Fight with your dependable heroes and deepen your bond!
▶ Let’s enjoy together!
There are also battles that can be enjoyed by multiple players, such as the “annihilation battle” that defeats the monsters that are rushing in, and the powerful “advent dungeon” that defeats the huge boss!

▶ High-end high-quality graphics using the latest technology!
Landscapes, cities, people and even super-large monsters!
Enjoy the world drawn with overwhelming quality graphics that goes beyond mobile games!

(Powered by Unreal Engine 4)
▶ Characters inspired by gorgeous voice actors!
▶ “Yoko Shimomura” is appointed for the sound!
A dream collaboration between the well-known game music composer “Yoko Shimomura” and the world-class orchestra “Czech Philharmonic Orchestra”!
Beautiful melodies echo throughout the Esprogen.

◈ Gran Saga official website ◈
Stay tuned for the latest news on Gran Saga.
▶ Official website: https://www.gransaga.jp/
▶ Official Twitter https://twitter.com/GRANSAGA_RPG
▶ Official Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt1SxDHFgdRg8DdUWg5bgHg

◈ “Gran Saga” requires the following permissions for smooth gameplay.
* You can use the game without agreeing to the selection authority.
[Selection authority]
–Storage (device photos, media, files): Space to store files after screen capture and video recording
[Recommended environment]
* Operation may become unstable even on terminals that meet the recommended environment. You need to be connected to the network to enjoy the game.
▶ Personal Information Policy: https://platform-static.gransaga.jp/terms/privacy_policy.html
▶ Game Terms of Use: https://platform-static.gransaga.jp/terms/terms_conditions.html

Mod Name: グランサガ (Gran Saga) Mod money for android

Id: com.npixel.GranSagaJP

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