我叫MT (Mod – Unlimited Money)

我叫MT (Mod – Unlimited Money)

App Information of 我叫MT (Mod – Unlimited Money)

App Name 我叫MT:經典再現
Package Name com.cayenne.immt
Installs 50,000+
Category Casual, Games

Description of 我叫MT (Mod – Unlimited Money)


【全3D放置類輕鬆玩法 釋放你的雙手】

【原版聲優全數獻聲 回憶最初的MT】
還記得哀木涕、傻饅、劣人、神棍德、呆賊與法絲,這六位超搞笑的菊爆大隊成員嗎? 這一次《我叫MT》動畫聲優原班人馬全數集結獻聲,在遊戲中將與熟悉的聲音一起拯救香草大陸!

【放置掛機輕鬆玩 不肝不氪不費時】

【多樣化職業搭配 不再侷限傳統職業限制】

【海量級的技能組合 怎麼搭都適合】

【角色搞笑的對話 推圖不用怕無聊】

安卓系统 5.0以上
安卓機型 RAM 3GB 以上

“My Name is MT: Classic Reappearance” is adapted and developed by the official animation of “My Name is MT”. The story tells that on the continent of Azeroth of Warcraft, the tauren warrior “Morning Mu”, who belongs to the tribe camp, is on a dungeon adventure. Accidentally met with his friends and formed the guild “Chrysanthemum Brigade”, thus embarking on a series of interesting adventures.
In the game, you will be able to conquer the “Azeroth Continent” with the protagonists, such as the protagonist MT, silly man, thief, and inferior. Game content, let you release the pressure while laughing!

【Full 3D placement type easy gameplay, release your hands】
Through the combination of the simulator and the mobile phone, the game can be placed at any time, whether it is to fight monsters, clear customs, improve skills, etc., only need one finger to do it, get rid of the shackles of both hands and time control, and no longer be gamed trapped.

[All the original voice actors offer their voices, recalling the original MT]
Do you still remember the 6 super funny members of the Ju-bang team, MT, Silly Man, Bad Man, God Stick De, Stupid Thief and Fas? , in the game will save the vanilla continent with the familiar voice!

[Place it to hang up and play easily, no liver, no kryptonite and no time-consuming]
Hang-up games are the same, and you can pick one out of thousands of fun on-hook games. You can play and hang up if you want to play. Whether it’s fighting monsters, clearing customs, improving skills, etc., you can do it in your little space, and get rid of the constraints of time and time. Take control, fill your leisure time, and no longer be tied to the game.

[Diversified occupational collocation is no longer limited by traditional occupational restrictions]
The initial occupations of the six major characters in the game are set according to the original work (Mourne, Silly Man, Inferior, Divine Rogue, Rogue and Faus), but after the second round, there will be 12 new occupations to choose from, which are compatible at the same time. The 4 occupations will fight together, no longer limited to the three occupations of tank, repair, and strike, and can be freely switched and controlled according to the different enemies in the level.

[Massive skill combinations are suitable for any combination]
Multi-level skill combinations, you can also flexibly match various pets, and push the map through a variety of permutations and combinations, so that you are no longer afraid of checkpoints, and you can easily touch down.

[Character’s funny dialogue, don’t be afraid of boredom when pushing pictures]
The development of the plot and the dialogue between the characters will not only save the mainland, in addition to the mutual framing and push pits, more importantly, it will also be full of Internet jokes, and the way to push the map will be full of intimacy.

Android system 5.0 and above
Android model with RAM above 3GB

Red Chili Pepper Co., Ltd. is the agent of “My Name is MT: Classic Reproduction” in Taiwan.
※This software is classified as general level according to the game software classification management method.
※This game is free to use, and the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual currency and items.
※Please pay attention to the game time to avoid indulging.

Mod Name: 我叫MT:經典再現 Mod money for android

Id: com.cayenne.immt

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