Cube Cipher (Mod) 4.5.0

Cube Cipher (Mod) 4.5.0

App Information of Cube Cipher (Mod) 4.5.0

App Name Cube Cipher - Rubik's Cube Solver and Timer
Package Name com.aseemsalim.cubecipher
Rating ( 364 )
Installs 100,000+
Category Games, Puzzle

Description of Cube Cipher (Mod) 4.5.0

A simple but beautiful android app to solve your Rubik’s Cube using the Kociemba’s Algorithm that retunes optimal solution in average 21 moves

* Enter your Rubik’s Cube state manually by using the provided user interface or using the Camera
* Camera can detect standard colors (RED, ORANGE, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, WHITE)
* You can verify your cube state by tapping the view cube, then it will show a virtual cube with your entered cube state, you can view the entire cube by swiping it in any direction
* Solve your Rubik’s Cube after tapping solve, the screen will show a simulator with the optimal solution
* You can play with the virtual cube by tapping on the play buttons given in the user interface
* Auto solve functionality is also added
* Manual solve functionality is also added
* Adjust animation speed
* View the entire cube state by swiping it in any direction while you solve
* Cool and Smooth animations added
* You can view your history of solves from camera and manual input

Rubik’s Cube Timer
* Create a timer session to start
* You can create multiple timer session
* Select the cube size for the session, you can select 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4 , 5x5x5, 6x6x6 and 7x7x7 cubes
* Solves arranged in session with current best worst times and the player name
* Tap and hold then release the finger to start the timer
* After solve tap the screen to stop the timer
* You will get new scramble in each solve which is shown in the top
* View the scrambled cube state by tapping the view cube button (support upto 7x7x7), then it will show a virtual cube
* View your entire solve in a table by tapping the view session button, it provides average, mean of 3(mo3) of latest 3 solves, average of 5(ao5) of latest five solves and average of 12(ao12) of latest 12 solves
* Plus Two (+2) and DNF are added

One Vs One Timer
* You can challenge your friend to play with you
* Create a session with both of your names and select the cube size
* You can create multiple sessions
* The timer functionality is same as normal timer

Scramble Generator
* Generate unique scrambles upto 100
* You can generate scrambles for all cubes upto 7x7x7
* View Cube and View Simulation are available

Scramble To Cube State Finder
* Enter your scramble string (only outer moves are supported)
* You can view you cube state or simulate it
* Support up to 7x7x7

* Most common patterns are added
Minor bug fixes

Mod Name: Cube Cipher – Rubik’s Cube Solver and Timer Mod money for android

Id: com.aseemsalim.cubecipher

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