GPS Area Calculator for Land 1.1.7 (MOD)

GPS Area Calculator for Land 1.1.7 (MOD)

App Information of GPS Area Calculator for Land 1.1.7 (MOD)

App Name GPS Area Calculator for Land
Package Name free.areacalculator.landmeasurement.gpsareacalculator.geoarea.landareacalculator.digitalcompass.levelmeter
Updated Jul 5, 2022
Installs 100K+

Description of GPS Area Calculator for Land 1.1.7 (MOD)

Area calculator for land and distance calculator map app is useful for measuring any distance and calculate any area by tapping on selected map using Global Positioning System (GPS). Enter or click points on the map and calculate area between all these points. The path length is measured as well. Area calculator for land and gps measurement app is easy to use for estimate dimension of the land on the map.

Land area calculator is useful as a map measurement tool for outdoor activities. You can take survey of your land using our application. Comes in handy when exploring golf area or as a golf distance meter, convenient for field pasture area finder, great to keep area records, helpful in garden or farm work or planning. Geo area measurement is practical even for solar panel installation, roof area estimation or trip planing. New featured app for agricultural fencing and construction projects. Don’t waste your time searching for best free app to measure area, distance calculator and gps compass, select our area measure app and do all these tasks simplifying measuring process!

Area calculator for land field measurement is useful for estimation of land on the map using latest GPS service technical for good assessment result. Among our users are farm owners who are spraying, fertilizing, seeding, harvesting farms or tilling, people constructing roofs, buildings and roads. It’s helpful for biking, hiking, traveling or planning trips. When you are traveling on a river side or on a big land, you can’t calculate area. Use this app to find all these features. Calculate area, distance from any place and draw custom path between the points. Use GPS area calculator for land measurement to find huge area like area of a country in seconds.

Amazing features like area calculator, map tool distance calculator, Gyro compass, direciton maps, displacement measurement, Bubble level meter, share location etc. Beautiful digital compass for android to find south and north while traveling in cities and countries. GPS compass will detect and navigate to true north direction no matter where you are. Bubble level is incompletely filled with a liquid, leaving a bubble in the tube. It serves to level a surface across a plane and used to find the objects on which you are working on level. A feature to add POI or point of interest on the field to avoid boundaries of paddocks, stones, mark fences, graze territories for dairy cows, beef and other livestock.

Geo Area Calculator is used for:
– Land based surveys
– Farm management for Farmers.
– Manage Land record
– Agronomists – Construction surveys
– Health, Education and facilities mapping
– Farm fencing
– Sports track measurement
– Construction sites and building sites area
– Asset mapping
– Landscape artists
– Landscape design

Mod Name: GPS Area Calculator for Land Mod money for android

Id: free.areacalculator.landmeasurement.gpsareacalculator.geoarea.landareacalculator.digitalcompass.levelmeter

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