Video Story Downloader 1.1.1 (Mod – Premium Cracked)

Video Story Downloader 1.1.1 (Mod – Premium Cracked)

App Information of Video Story Downloader 1.1.1 (Mod – Premium Cracked)

App Name Video Story Downloader
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Updated 2022-08-04T00:00:00.000Z
Installs 100K+
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Description of Video Story Downloader 1.1.1 (Mod – Premium Cracked)

In the generation where social media sites highly influence people, there is a need for an excellent story video saver. And this particular story video downloader and saver is the best because it’s simple to understand and easy to use. It further comes with exciting features, like:

● Captions generator
● DP downloader
● Download posts, videos, and stories
● Collage maker
● Hashtag generator

In short, this story video downloader is a one-stop solution for all your Insta-related needs. Also, this application does not require the user to pay any subscription fees to get access to these features. Everything is free.

Download Anything
One thing that has made this story video saver and downloader so popular is its download option. This feature is not just limited to saving a picture, but a person can also save videos, stories, and IGTVs on Instagram.

After downloading the media, you can share it with your friends or family on any social networking site. Also, you can use the audio of the downloaded video or IGTV through a different app to create your content.

Two Methods
To simplify the downloading process further, this app offers two options. The first is scrolling the IG feed directly through this platform and downloading reels or posts using a floating button. And the second is by directly copying the link of the post and then downloading.

Major Features

Automatic Download
The best thing about copying and pasting an Instagram link on this downloader is that it gets automatically downloaded. This feature comes in handy when you want to download bulk media from Insta.

The automatic downloading feature saves time and speeds up the process. Now no more annoying process of clicking on the download button after pasting the link. One simple copy and paste will do the magic.

Hashtag Generator
Have you been struggling to generate a hashtag for your IG post? If so, you should use this story saver and downloader as it lets you generate hashtags for reels, pictures, and videos.

You can use the suggested trendy hashtag to make your post appear on the top of everyone’s feed. This way, your following, and engagements will also increase.

DP Downloader
No story saver and downloader lets users download IG DP of other users, but this application is different. This app also lets you download DP so that you can see it clearly.

Collage Maker
This ultimate story saver also lets you make beautiful collages where you can put different pictures together. You can upload all the petty pictures at once, and your followers won’t get spammed.

Also, since this story saver comes with the collage maker and photo grid option, you won’t have to install any other application for the same purpose. It’s an excellent feature because regular IG downloaders don’t have this option.

DP Editor
If you want to change the filter, contrast, brightness, or sharpness of your Instagram DP, you can do it by using this application. The story saver makes it easy to change DP filters so that your IG profile can stand out in the crowd.

Caption Generator
Lastly, you won’t have to struggle to find interesting captions for your posts each time you upload something. That’s because this unique story saver and downloader comes with a caption generator option.

Whether you want to upload pictures, videos, reels, stories, or IGTVs, you can find a perfect caption. Also, these captions do not sound robotic. Instead, they will perfectly complement each of your posts.

Mod Name: Video Story Downloader Mod money for android


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